Talisman Consulting Group is a provider of software and technology services located in New York City. We help businesses leverage commercial software, custom programming and web-based solutions in a wide variety of industries.

Founded by Mitchell Talisman in 2003, Talisman Consulting has directed projects ranging from startup Web-based businesses through large-scale software development efforts involving hundreds of developers.


Custom Software Development
Website design and support
Infrastructure Support
Technology consulting for Business
Project leadership

Areas of Expertise

C++, Python, Assembler, PHP…
AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
SQL Server, PostGreSQL, Dell Boomi
Project Specification and Documentation
WordPress, AdWords, Google Analytics
Email infrastructure

Previous Applications
Email branding and delivery
Major travel agency software overhaul
Fixed-income derivative pricing models
Online dating site
Financial CASE tools


Mitchell Talisman holds degrees from Columbia University in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics. He is a resident of New York City. He has travelled to over 60 countries and is available for consulting projects, with a preference for international locations and a mixture of on-site and remote availability.

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